Is Video interviewing killing the traditional CV/Resume

Video interviewing has been around for many years but today video interviewing platforms are delivering a far better experience for candidates and hiring managers.   A traditional CV doesn’t allow a candidate to truly express themselves which can lead to great candidates not being considered or poor candidates being invited for interview which only serves to waste time and delay the time to hire.  


In order to select which candidates to invite for a video interview you must make a judgement by reading the CV first.  However, as technology becomes smarter, you may not need to even read the CV first. Provided they have gone through some initial screening online you could invite all the candidates to an interview and using intelligence let the system do the shortlisting for you.   Gaining the trust of the computer may take time but once the Hiring Manager sees a correlation between those candidates they would choose,  to the ones the computer selects, then the CV is no longer required.

Video Interviewing is available with some Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS’) but many of the leading specialist providers have integration capabilities and are often more advanced in functionality.