HR Processes & Technology

Our research shows a large number of Care providers struggling to manage HR & Payroll processes effectively.  

Inefficiencies and day to day business pressures in the care sector create a stressful environment for those responsible for HR and Payroll, a poor employee experience and a lack of quality information for business leaders to make decisions.

Help is at hand.

We are a small team of consultants with expertise in HR process and technology, we offer cost-effective solutions, independent advice and a set of toolkits designed to reduce time and money.

Learn more about our Toolkits

Toolkit 1 – Health check

  • Analysis of current issues
  • High-level recommendations

Toolkit 2 – Business Process Streamlining

  • A set of best practice business processes
  • Gap Analysis Workshop
  • Business Processes Aligned to your business

Toolkit 3 – Technology assessment & acquisition

  • Technology fit for purpose health check
  • Software functional checklist
  • Software evaluation Process
  • Contractual checklist and value for money

Toolkit 4 – Technology Implementation

  • Project Governance
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Budget Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management